Sky News presenter Chris Smith has apologized for his "embarrassing" behavior at a Christmas party

Smith said he was sorry "to the woman I was upset" as he checked himself into a mental health facility

Sky News host Chris Smith has apologized for his "embarrassing" behavior at the network's Christmas party over the weekend, citing his alcoholism and mental health struggles for his inappropriate behavior.

The 60-year-old broadcaster was suspended from his role on Sky and 2GB on Sunday while an internal investigation into the show was ongoing.

Smith reportedly joined his Ivy Sunroom counterparts at midday on Saturday for a formal before heading to Establishment, an upscale bar in Sydney's CBD.

The celebration went awry after a series of lewd comments allegedly made by Smith brought a colleague to tears.

Smith said he had checked himself into a mental health facility and was "deeply disappointed" by his behavior at the event.

In a statement released Monday afternoon, Smith apologized to the many women involved in the incident and confirmed she was receiving professional treatment.

"I am devastated and devastated to know that I have disappointed my colleagues after our Christmas party," he said.

“I apologize profusely to the women I upset. That's not a man I've ever worked for, as they all will attest. They were very supportive of me and did not deserve such drunken treatment."

Smith said he had a recurring problem with alcohol which was partly to blame for the behavior.

"It drives me crazy," he said.

“I… am so upset that I embarrassed myself with people I respect and admire. I am in a facility receiving professional help, to conclusively deal with my alcohol abuse and get it over with once and for all, without qualifications… it can and will be done.

“I am proud of my professionalism and work ethic, but I have dropped the ball and embarrassed many people including those I love most – my family. I am so sorry."

Smith is set to host regular evening 5pm programming on Sky News Australia starting in 2023 before taking it off the air.

Its time slot for Chris Smith's Sky News show Tonight on Sunday night was quickly replaced with a recurring episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored.

He was also laid off from hosting 2GB breakfast shows over the Christmas break while broadcaster Ben Fordham was on vacation, which starts Monday.

A spokesperson said the radio station was aware of "serious allegations" against Smith arising from the Christmas party.

“Sky has suggested they are conducting an investigation. Chris has stepped down from his duties at 2GB until the investigation is complete,” the spokesperson said.

Sky Nes confirmed it was investigating the allegations and Smith has been suspended until the investigation is complete.

"The well-being of our staff is our absolute priority," said a spokesperson. "We have a zero tolerance approach to inappropriate behavior and take these allegations very seriously."

This isn't the first time Smith has made headlines.

He has been suspended in the past after a series of allegations of inappropriate behavior towards women at social events.

In 2009, he was suspended from the Macquarie Radio Network after accusations from a female colleague at another Christmas party, this time hosted by 2GB, where he allegedly groped another woman.

He was also fired as a producer of A Current Affair in the late 1990s after he exposed himself to two female colleagues at a work party.

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