Keke Palmer revealed in the monologue 'Snl' Laurence Fishburne read it "for dirt" & blinking Baby Bump

Keke Palmer took the Saturday Night Live stage and made some surprising disclosures. The first host was a natural sketch of the NBC event who talked about his achievements throughout the year and the most important thing was the Saggittarius season. You can watch the Palmer monologue in the video posted above.

Palmer continued to remember his time at Akelah and the Bee in 2006 when he was 9 years old sharing scenes with Laurence Fishburne, which shouted at him during the shoot.

"That is an extraordinary experience. I am very fun, except when I was scolded by Laurence Fishburne, "he said. "We did a dramatic scene and I had just started laughing at him **."

Palmer continued, "I have a good reason. Just imagine. I am a child who watched a 40 -year -old man crying to me about winning the national spell competition. It's hysterical but when I start laughing, he reads me for dirt. He is like, 'You can't do this. This is not what the real actor did. '"

However, Palmer said that his mother "When he left" and began to shout at Fishburne defend his child.

"That's a pleasant moment," Palmer added. "And honestly I really appreciate that he did it. Although intense, he taught me to become a professional in real-time. "

Palmer then discussed rumors circulating about him that he was pregnant.

"And I want to straighten out ... me!" he said opening the coat and showing a baby lump.

"But I have to say, it's bad when people on the internet spread rumors about you, but even worse when it is true. I tried hard to maintain it, "he added. "This is the biggest blessing and I am very excited, I will be a mother."

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