Canva Pro Review Pros Cons And Alternatives In 2023

What Is Canva

Canva is an easier and faster platform for creating graphic designs and publishing content than any other graphics software. You can use this magical tool online through a desktop browser or download the mobile app through the App or Play Store. In addition, Canva also offers two versions, a free version and a paid version (Pro).

Canva Short Profile

Since 2013, the platform has won over 60 million monthly active users in 190 countries around the world. And of the millions of people who know what Canva is, more than 7 billion designs have been created. Thanks to the problems that Melanie Perkins, Cameron Adams and Cliff Obrecht have found in this area, many people want to create their own designs easily. In the end, Canva was created, which they summarized on the principle of "making everything simpler". To date, Canva is the main product of the company of the same name from Perth, Australia, which has expanded to Manila, Philippines and Beijing, China. In terms of popularity and performance as an easy-to-use tool, the platform has won three prestigious awards, the details of which will be mentioned below.

  1. Enterprise Tech 30 ?2019 in the mid-stage category (Winner)
  2. Google Play Award 2019 (Winner)
  3. Great Place To Work Award 2019 (Winner)

Uses Of Canva

Since many people began to know what Canva is, developers have constantly tried to bring innovations to the service. Therefore, you can now use this platform to create different templates for your personal and business needs. The benefits of Canva are:

  1. Create presentations similar to PowerPoint
  2. Create instagram content for feeds, stories, and Ads with animated or static options
  3. Design Facebook posts, covers, Ads, event covers, facebook videos, and Facebook Stories
  4. Facebook Insta video editor for creating various social media platforms, such as facebook, instagram, tiktok, and youtube
  5. Design posters, flyers, ads, browsur, postcards, business cards, and invoices for business needs.
  6. Help create resume formats, CVS, proposals, certificates, and various other invitation cards.
  7. Organize infographics, mind maps, photo collages, virtual backgrounds, calendar formats, worksheets, plenners, and wallpapers.

Canva Features

As a design creation platform, it's no wonder that Canva has so many tools and features that will spoil its users. In addition to being quite powerful, these features are easy for the average person to understand and use, so anyone can design smoothly in minutes. To help you better understand Canva, here are its main features.

1. 750,000+ Templates Available

The main and best feature of Canva is its templates. This number is absolute, considering that the number of ready-made templates for various needs is more than 750,000, and almost every day there are new models for certain categories. you can also modify some parts of the design of the selected template. This app really makes designing more convenient and fun.

2. There are 900 + illustrations and icons

In addition to templates, you can also add design elements with illustrations and icons from different types of themes. Want a 3D illustration? There. Or animated illustrations like GIFs? It's also here. Explore the menu to find the illustrations and icons needed.

3. PDF Editor

You don't seem to know what Canva is, so create and edit designs right from the template page. Because you can import a PDF file to the work Page and then create an online design view. The PDF File will be converted into editable elements so that you can immediately edit some parts. Once you have finished editing the document, you can download it in SVG, PPT or PDF format.

4. Canva Live

For those of you who often have to give presentations online, you can now use Canva with a feature called Canva Live. With this feature, you don't need to set up another video conferencing platform to hold online presentations. One of the important uses of Canva features is to increase audience engagement for more interactive presentations. For example, the audience can express reactions, comments, and questions during the presentation. Best of all, it's safe because anyone who wants to join the presentation must enter your 6-digit code in

5. Text Customization

Not only can you use Canva as a design and editing platform, but you can also create documents and other text files. Of course, the need to create documents online would not be optimal without the text feature. Just select the text menu on the left side of the editor page, then choose the font, color, and size you want. You can embellish the created text with various animation effects to make the appearance of the document much more dynamic.

6. Canva Teams

The design process can be done individually or in groups. Well, if you have a design team, then Canva is the best platform for communication needs with other design team members. By simply inviting team members and setting access settings on the editor page, your design team is ready to work together to create the best design.

7. Grid design and photos

The functionality of Canva is also very useful for editing photos. Start by decorating it with a filter or with a grid to adjust the composition of the photo for easier viewing. This grid feature is also available in various layouts and the number of frames ranging from 2 grids to 16 grids.

8. Frame Design

Beautify the look of photos with frame effects to look like a photo figure. The forms of frames available are quite diverse, ranging from standard frames, film, and some like polaroid photos. Therefore, Canva is the right tool for those of you who want to create photo albums or photo galleries.

Difference between Canva free and Canva Pro

As we discussed at the beginning of this article, Canva consists of a free version and a Pro version. It can be said that the free version is the same as the standard version or free trial before deciding to subscribe for a long term. While the Pro version of Canva is a premium version of the application that includes all the features of the free version and comes with all the features created by the developer. As for the name premium, this version requires the user to pay a certain amount to activate all the features, without limitations. However, you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. So you can be more sure which version of Canva you choose to use, here's a breakdown of the differences between Canva Free and Pro based on the features available.

1. Stock Photos, Videos, Images, and graphics

The difference in facilities and features between the Free and Pro versions is most noticeable in the availability of graphic elements. The free version gives access to hundreds of thousands of high-quality images, videos and graphics. In addition, you can also upload images or photos from the desktop gallery and buy premium photos or graphics for IDR 14,000. Whereas if you choose the Pro version, the feature you will get from Canva is access to the entire library. You will find more than 100 million images, videos, icons, diagrams and other graphic elements.

2. Brand Kit Manager

Maybe some of you don't know much about Canva's Brand Kit Manager. The Brand kit is a great tool to help you build a better brand. You and team members can access fonts, logos, and colors from a single file location to create multiple branded digital products. However, there is a difference between the Brand kit service for users of the free version and the Pro version. If you are using the Pro version, you will have access to the creation of 100 palettes of 100 colors and can upload your logo and fonts. With the free version, you can only create one palette with 3 colors and cannot upload any logo or font files. The difference is striking, isn't it?.

3. Number Of Templates

It may have been mentioned in the previous point that Canva is the best online platform for easy design thanks to its hundreds of thousands of practical templates. But unfortunately, of the many templates, there are only about 250,000 free templates that can be accessed without time restrictions. Like the Pro version of Canva, you will get all the templates with new ones added daily. Although the difference in the number of samples is small, the number of free samples is more than enough to get a good design reference for free.

4. Team Access

Flexibility is also at the core of Canva. The reason is, you can collaborate with other people or team members to create a design. Alternatively, you can also email the design link to other team members. If you are using the free version, your team members will have access to the design to view and modify it. But for the Pro version, your team can view, edit and use it as a reference because you share the link as a model.

5. Background Remover

The following features are useful for not using other additional tools. Because it can remove any image background with just one click. In our opinion, the background Eraser feature on Canva is a very powerful feature due to its careful and detailed selection. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Canva Pro.

6. Magic Resize

Magic Resize is a Canva feature that can only be found in the Pro version. What it means is that Canva Magic Resize itself makes it possible to resize designs to the size format of certain social media platforms. Instagram let's say you're going to create a design for your Instagram feed and Instagram Stories. You don't have to manually redesign it because Magic Resize will resize the design to the default size of each platform.

7. Storage Capacity

The main difference between the free and Pro versions of Canva is the storage space. It is said to stand out because Canva free only has 5 GB of cloud storage, while the Pro version can reach 100 GB.

How To Use Canva

For those of you who are new to Canva and thinking about using it, here are the steps to use Canva.

  • Sign Up Account
  • Select Canva Usage Requirements
  • Making Design
  • Download Design
  • Done


Canva is a tool for designing a graphic design, which is perfect for beginners. There are various features that are very helpful in designing the content design you want even in the field of Education.

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