This is the reason why you should try rose water for facial skin

Smooth, smooth, and healthy facial skin can be obtained by using products made from natural ingredients to treat the face. Not only aloe and fruits, another ingredient you can try is rose water. Not only for the body, it turns out that rose water has many benefits for facial skin, you know. Take a look at the benefits below!

Refreshing facial skin: Rose water has good nutrition for the skin which can make the face look fresher. In addition, diligently using rose water, the redness on the face can disappear.

Brighten the face: Not only refreshing the face, rose water can also make the face look brighter. The method is quite easy. You simply mix rose water with two tablespoons of lemon juice and then apply it on your face using a cotton swab.

Prevent acne: Some of the functions of rose water is as an antiseptic and also as a controller of oil levels. This will help to prevent acne on the face. Apply every morning and night after cleansing your face with soap.

Soothes facial skin: The aroma of rose water and its soft ingredients can overcome irritation on the face so that facial skin feels calmer and also relaxed.

Prevents premature aging: Several studies have shown that rose water contains rose hip seeds which contain high levels of vitamin C. This makes rose water can act as a good antioxidant and can prevent wrinkles on the face.

Makes skin feel moisturized: If you have dry skin, then a toner made from rose water can be an option. The reason is, rose water can make facial skin more moist and smooth.

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