This is the good or bad of sports that can affect skin conditions

There is a long list of good things to do with exercise, such as building muscle and improving mood. Even exercise is also said to make the skin look more radiant.

While exercise can help keep your skin healthy, it can also irritate its outer layer, causing acne, rashes, and infections to appear. During exercise, the heart rate increases and improves blood circulation, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin.

This flow of oxygen and nutrients promotes collagen development to prevent skin sagging and regenerates new skin cells to keep skin glowing and exfoliating properly. The anti-inflammatory effect of exercise also plays a positive role, as reported by

Good or bad exercise can affect the skin

However, exercise also increases sweat production, which can cause certain skin conditions to recur, including acne, eczema, and folliculitis. Moist conditions on the skin can encourage normal bacteria that live on the skin and function positively to suddenly overgrow, clogged pores, and cause lumps of pus, as well as painful pimples.

The combination of sweat, tight clothing, and high friction can also cause problems. Before exercise, apply an emollient that acts as a barrier to areas of high friction.

Don't forget to use SPF to prevent skin damage from sun exposure. After a workout, washing your face can remove the buildup of sweat, oil, and environmental pollutants that can cause breakouts.

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