Washing your face is an important step to take care of your skin. Washing a good face also has a condition, namely choosing a facial soap that has a good pH for our facial skin. What is pH, let's learn.

pH (potential hydrogen) is a measure used to measure acidity. The pH value is measured from 1 to 14. Acidic pH starts from 1 - 6 or below 7. Neutral pH is 7. Meanwhile, 8-14 is classified as alkaline pH. For facial skin, the normal pH is in the range of 5.4-5.9, but some say it is between 4.2-5.6.

Why do we need to pay attention to the pH of our facial skin?

Unbalanced skin pH will cause skin problems such as breakouts, blackheads, excess oil and even very dry and dull skin.

Basically the pH of the skin is formed from fatty acids and amino acids and oil secretions in the skin. This oil secretion is known as the acid mantle. The acid mantle is a thin layer of acid that acts as a barrier and protects the skin from external attacks. Not ideally the pH level in the skin will certainly damage the acid mantle, causing other skin components such as ceramides (the main component in the outer layer of the skin that keeps the skin from losing moisture), fatty acids, and lipids (groups of fat molecules and vitamins in the skin). so it's broken too. As a result, bacteria, pollutants, free radicals, UV rays, and other harmful substances are very easy to attack and enter the skin.

If there are bacteria or free radicals that enter the skin, until they make it into the bloodstream, it will automatically cause damage to the skin. The form can be inflammation, allergy or breakout (acne). This condition applies to every skin type, especially sensitive skin. For dry skin or oily skin, maintaining a pH balance is important so that your skin is moisturized and avoids breakouts.

Well, friends of Viva, the product that has the most effect on the pH balance of the facial skin is a facial cleanser or face wash. Most facial cleansers, especially those that produce a lot of lather, are alkaline in nature with a high pH level of 8 to 10.

If you use an alkaline facial cleanser like this, your skin will lose its natural pH balance and will make it very dry or very oily, making it more sensitive. Not to mention the pH of the water you use, even though the pH of the water is neutral, but water can increase the pH of your skin so that the skin loses its acidity. In short, bacteria will live better at neutral pH and more difficult to live at acidic pH.

Here are some facial cleansing soaps that have been pH tested as a reference for Viva Friends:

Brand = pH 

Mineral Botanica Brightening Facial Foam = 6-7

Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Foam = 5-6

Ponds White Beauty Spotless Rosy White Daily Facial Foam = 6-7

Biore Glowing Bright Facial Foam = 5-6

Garnier White Complete Light Speed ​​Brightening Foam = 7-8

If the face wash is right, you can also balance the pH of your skin using a toner. Toner functions to restore the natural pH of your skin after washing your face. Well, after understanding the importance of pH in face wash. Come on, from now on pay attention and maintain the pH balance of your skin so that your skin stays healthy.

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