The Importance of Teaching Dental and Oral Health to Children

It is important to take care of children's overall health, including dental and oral health. Unfortunately, not many parents may need to be taught to maintain dental and oral health from an early age. Many parents think that just teeth are enough.

Maintaining oral and dental health is one of the good habits that must be taught since childhood. That way, this can become a habit and make children have a high awareness to do this for the rest of their life. In fact, this habit helps prevent caries and periodontal disease as people age.

Dangers of Not Maintaining Dental and Oral Health

Routine teeth can be one way to maintain healthy teeth and mouth. But keep in mind, that alone may not be enough, especially in children. Routines of brushing teeth, cleaning the oral cavity effectively using mouthwash, and using dental floss are still not enough to avoid disturbances to the teeth and mouth.

This condition should not be ignored. Because, problems with the teeth and mouth can be fatal and the condition of the body's overall health condition. Infections of the teeth or gums can spread to other body tissues. In severe conditions, infection can increase the risk of disease or disorders of other organs.

There are various dental and oral health problems that can arise if your little one is not used to keeping the area clean. The risk of disease increases in children who rarely have teeth, chew gum or food excessively, and drink less water. In fact, these habits are prone to damage teeth and gums.

Damaged teeth can cause pain, swelling of the gums, cavities, and even tooth decay in children. There are various types of toothache that may appear, including:

1. Dental Caries

This type of pain is common and often occurs in children. Dental caries occurs because there is plaque in the area of ​​​​the teeth and mouth. Plaque is bacteria or dirt that sticks and lives in the oral cavity. Often, plaque appears again leftover food that is not cleaned or teeth are not cleaned before going to bed.


Gingivitis alias gums can also arise due to poor oral hygiene. Not much different from dental caries, gums are also caused by plaque on the teeth. This infection causes the gums to become inflamed and makes the gums bleed easily.

3. Periodontitis

Gum disorders can get worse, especially if your child doesn't have proper dental habits. A more dangerous condition can occur, namely periodontitis. This condition is a serious gum infection that can damage the soft tissue and bone that support teeth. Symptoms that arise as a sign of this disease are bad breath, changes in the color of the gums to bright red or purplish, swelling and bleeding of the gums.

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