Causes of Large Facial Pores and How to Overcome It

There are various causes of facial pores to become large, so this must be very disturbing. Until you have to master how to deal with it to be able to create perfect facial pores. Until then, you can master the cause first and then just deal with it properly.

Triggers Large Facial Pores

There are several triggers for facial pores that tend to be large. So it means to master the alibi that exists why this thing exists, what are they?

1. Genetic Aspect

Generally, this genetic aspect is also very dominant and causes facial pores to appear large. For example, the condition of the skin that looks oily, thick skin and other conditions that exist. Until parents or biological relatives also have this skin condition, for example oily skin which tends to have large facial pores.

2. Hormone Fluctuations

These hormonal fluctuations tend to fluctuate and are felt by women, especially mothers with two bodies. This situation makes the pores of the face so large compared to the presence of hormonal fluctuations. So large or not the dimensions of these pores are indeed not always, stems from hormonal changes such as an oily, wrinkled face and the pores tend to widen.

3. Too Much Sunlight

There is also too much sun exposure that will greatly make the pores of the face tend to be large. Where the skin that is attacked by direct sunlight will cause a thickening condition. As a result, the pores continue to swell and UV light can cause a weakness in the production of collagen.

4. Increasing Age

Continuing to age, will generally affect the pores of the face. Of course, the body's expertise in creating collagen and skin elasticity, continues to grow old and continues to shrink. In conclusion, it will look wrinkled, the skin will become loose and the pores will continue to swell. Until a young age can protect by taking care of the skin naturally and reduce exposure to sunlight.

5. Frequently Washing Your Face

In fact, when you wash your face very often, this condition is not very good for the skin. Where the facial skin continues to be triggered the pores become increasingly swollen. If the pores swell and clog a lot, it will cause acne.

Methods for Overcoming Enlarged Facial Pores

After understanding what kind of triggers the condition that the facial pores are facing enlargement. Until then, you can look at the method to overcome it as follows:

1. Selection of Beauty Products with the Right Content

When you want to deal with facial pores, you must use beauty products properly. The reason is that beauty products that don't fit will actually close the pores and are not good for the face. Especially if you have oil, to stimulate the face to continue to enlarge the pores.

2. Wash your face 2 times a day

When you want to wash your face to do it properly, it is only 2 times a day. In the morning and before bed to keep the skin healthy and natural. It also minimizes preventing pores from becoming swollen.

3. Applying Moisturizer

The use of a moisturizer is also highly recommended in squeezing the large pores on the face. So this moisturizer will provide protection and nutrition to help the face continue to look better, the pores appear smaller.

4. Wearing sunscreen

This means that using this sunscreen is indeed the main thing to try so as not to be exposed to direct sunlight. It also protects the face from having large pores due to sun exposure. The presence of sunscreen used is what will protect the face and pores from swelling.

Such are some important things to pay attention to if there is something that causes facial pores to start to swell. After that there are things that can be overcome when the pores of the face swell, so with the right treatment it will continue to be good for creating a healthy face. 

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