Be Careful When Doing Layering Skincare

Skincare or skin care by performing several steps such as cleansing, toning and moisturizing is a beauty ritual that is routinely carried out by everyone, especially women, in order to get a healthy and clean facial skin.

Who doesn't want to have healthy and beautiful skin? Surely everyone wants it right? Because it is undeniable that the first thing we see when we meet other people or new people is our face, because the face is a representation of our identity.

With the development of technology in the world of beauty, we also find many skincare trends that are increasingly diverse and changing every time, both from the type of product itself and the technique of application.

If in the past we only knew facial cleansers, toners or astringents and moisturizers, nowadays there are many kinds of skincare products, starting from pre facial wash or what we usually know as double cleansing.

In the past, you only knew cleansing milk or cleansing milk with the legendary trademark, now there are many varieties ranging from micellar water, cleansing oil, cleansing balm, you named it.

It doesn't just stop there, in the three basic steps per skincare, it also starts to be added with various types of products ranging from essences, serums, ampoules and various others which if we draw it as a skincare pyramid, it may already have many derivative branches or sub-branches. product yes.

The development of skincare trends and methods

With the rise of kpop trends, this is also followed by the rise of the Korean-style 10 step skincare campaign, where basically we only need to do three steps, namely washing our faces, applying toner and then moisturizing.

In this 10 step skincare method, there are additional products such as essence, sheet mask, serum or ampoule, as well as exfoliating or the process of exfoliating dead skin cells.

The name is also a trend, this method is not only loved by beauty enthusiasts in Indonesia but also abroad, everyone is talking about this method to get clean, bright and beautiful facial skin completely.

The question is, is this method suitable for everyone? Well, not necessarily, because everyone has different skin types and conditions.

Of course this is due to various factors such as climate, weather, diet, genetics and so on that make a product or method work well on one's skin but it could be the other way around, failing when applied to other people.

Things to pay attention to when layering skincare

The 10-step skincare method is actually not wrong either, because after all we also need an exfoliation to clean the skin from the remnants of dead skin cells that have accumulated which over time can clog pores and make our faces dull.

Likewise with essence or serum which was created as a formula that is more potent or has a higher concentration of active ingredients to target the main points of skin problems, so of course you can't use it carelessly and you have to know the trick.

The skincare layering method, like Korean skincare above, is the method of layering or stacking skincare products in a facial care ritual, because we don't just apply one or two products.

It could even be more, for example, after cleansing our face, we do a toning process by applying a toner whose purpose is to balance the ph of the skin because after washing our face.

Especially if the face wash that is used is too alkaline or acidic, then the face will be at an unbalanced ph level so it needs to be normalized again with toner, if in basic skincare we immediately use moisturizer.

In the layering method, we first apply essence, then proceed with a new serum and then cover with a moisturizer.

So, there are two steps or two additional layers before moving on to the moisturizing process. Unfortunately not all skin can accept this layering well, on the contrary what happens is over hydration or even excessive moisture so that facial skin becomes oily.

Before doing the layering method, we must first identify what our skin type is, whether it is strong enough to accept many layers of product at one time, or whether its use must be alternated to keep our facial skin from being overly moist or even breaking out.

In addition, the type of product used must also be careful, especially when we use products with the same active ingredient content at every step, for example when applying toners we use exfoliating toners to exfoliate dead skin cells which contain AHA and BHA active ingredients. .

Then continue using essence or serum with ingredients that also have higher levels of AHA and BHA, if this happens and our skin is not strong or we have sensitive skin types, then our face will turn red and irritated, of course this is very we don't want that to happen, do we?

So, it's okay for us to follow or try skincare trends that are happening, but don't forget to always know the condition of our skin first and if irritation or breakout occurs, immediately switch to basic skincare that is suitable for our skin to recover.

In addition, if we really don't match the product that many other people are compatible with, that's okay too, the important thing is that the goal is the same, both have healthy and clean facial skin even with different products or methods.

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