A balanced diet is easy to achieve.

Eating healthy and nutritious is easier than you think

"Healthy, balanced nutrition for adults actually means eating a variety of healthy and nutritious foods every day," says Eliza Resurreccion, a nutritionist at Nutrition Place. He also added: “Balance the food you eat with physical activity, maintain and improve your body condition and eat everything you like in moderation.

Lim Meng Thiam, a manager and dietitian at the Health Promotion Council's Adult Health Division, added: “No single food can contain all the nutrients needed for our body's health. “Having eaten a varied diet means eating different foods from the 4 food groups of the food pyramid, and also consuming foods in each food group, the 4 food groups in the food health pyramid are rice and its alternatives, fruits and vegetables, meat and alternatives. , fat, oil, sugar and salt. The ideal every day we should consume 5 to 7 servings of rice or alternatives such as cereals and noodles. 2 servings of fruit and vegetables, 2 to 3 servings of meat or alternatives as well as fat, oil, sugar and salt to taste”

Lim said that food choices should be balanced every time. She says: “After a fatty lunch with meat, choose a low-fat dinner with lots of vegetables.”

In general, an adult male needs about 1,800 – 2,100 calories per day while an adult woman needs about 1,500 – 1,800 calories per day.

Recognize the difference between high-calorie, non-nutritive foods and nutrient-dense foods, Sara Resurreccion. High-calorie foods that are not nutritious contain lots of energy but lack protein, vitamins and minerals. Examples such as cakes and pastries. Nutritious foods are foods that are high in nutrients and low or moderate in calories or energy.

Jaclyn Reutens, a nutritionist at Aptima Nutrition & Sports Consultants, says strawberries are an example of a nutrient-dense food. He said: “Strawberries are not only low in fat, they also have anthocyanins that can delay the aging process.” “Strawberries contain ellagic acid. a unique component that can reduce the risk of several types of cancer and lower cholesterol levels.” Other nutrient-dense foods include deep-water fish such as salmon and tuna, vegetables such as spinach and carrots, whole-grain bread, low-fat milk and yogurt.

When asked whether it's better to eat three main meals a day or eat smaller meals several times a day, Resurreccion said: "Eating more often helps regulate blood sugar levels better throughout the day." “When you feed your body on a regular basis, you will get maximum energy levels and not experience fatigue in the middle of the day. Eating regularly keeps you feeling full longer and prevents uncontrollable overeating.”

However, Reutens says: "For a normal healthy adult, I would recommend three main meals at set times." “Those who are concerned about weight may have heard that eating every three hours increases metabolic rate, but this effect has not been well proven. What has been proven to work is eating regularly, three times a day with controlled portion sizes.”

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