8 Beauty Trends in 2022, Fermented Skincare to Ice Blue Makeup

Talking about the new year is incomplete if you don't talk about trends that will be popular. Like fashion, the world of beauty also gives birth to various new things that are predicted to be loved by many. From Wolipop's search results, here are eight beauty trends in 2022.
This year, there will be more skincare products based on fermentation. In terms of makeup, 2000 era makeup like ice blue eye makeup will be popular. The following is his presentation of the beauty trends in 2022.
1. Microdosing
In the context of skin care, microdosing refers to mixing small doses of a product containing a different acid such as glycolic, along with an active ingredient such as retinol. This method is the same as taking a different medicine in small amounts to avoid side effects.
"We all know that too much of anything can be irritating to the skin, including washing your face too often, exfoliating too much, using too many retinoids, and using too high a dose of skincare," says dermatologist from New York, Dr. Shari Marchbein, as quoted from Instyle.
2. LED Mask
Since several years ago, LED masks have been widely used by Hollywood celebrities for home care. According to British beauty expert Dr. Anna Puri's sophisticated masks will be used by more people in 2022. This home treatment will help your face serum absorb better.
"LED masks are a trending treatment that will follow this year. Many clients choose to use creams, serums and skin treatments at home which give similar results as in beauty clinics. Skin care products will get the best results with LED masks," said Dr. Anna.
3. Skincare with Fermented Ingredients
Fermented skincare ingredients will be increasingly popular in 2022. For example, kombucha ingredients. Ingredients that have been fermented have benefits as antiaging and reduce inflammation.
"Fermented ingredients are now becoming popular because of the natural process that helps maximize absorption, without irritating the skin," said dermatologist Dr. Garshick.
4 Skin Protection from Blue Rays
Blue light not only comes from exposure to sunlight, but also computer screens, cell phones, and other digital devices. Blue light can penetrate the skin so that it can trigger wrinkles and other signs of aging. The use of sunscreen usually only protects the skin from ultraviolet A and B. So nowadays many beauty manufacturers are releasing sunscreens that can also protect the skin from blue light. This kind of skincare will be increasingly in demand in 2022.
5 Purple Makeup
According to WGSN's predictions, the world of makeup will be filled with purple, more precisely the color of fairy tales. The color became the Color of the Year according to Pantone. As quoted from Glamor, blush on to purple lipstick is becoming popular in 2022.
6 Crystal Eye Makeup
According to the latest data from Pinterest, bling bling makeup and beauty accessories will be increasingly sought after. From Pinterest data, crystal eye makeup searches increased by 110%.
7. Super Lip Gloss
Matte lipstick is increasingly being abandoned, and replaced with lip gloss. It is called a super lip gloss because the lip product not only gives a glossy finish but also shines because it is infused with glitter. Immediate glamor is obtained with this type of makeup.
8. Icy Blue Eyeshadow
Blue eyeshadow is a favorite makeup. The eyeshadow gives an edgy look. With the addition of super lip gloss, this makeup theme makes you nostalgic for the early 2000s era.
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