7 Causes of a Sour Tasting Mouth and How to Overcome It

If you have ever experienced a sour taste in your mouth, you should understand the cause well.

A sour sensation in the mouth usually appears shortly after drinking coffee.

However, you may not drink coffee and your mouth feels sour for no apparent reason.

No need to worry, know the various causes, come on!

Causes of sour taste in mouth

A change in taste on the tongue that is different from normal is known as dysgeusia.

The following are various causes, namely:

1. Not Brushing Your Teeth Properly

Having poor oral health can be the first cause of sour taste in the mouth.

Rarely brushing your teeth or not brushing them properly can make this condition appear.

Therefore, try to brush your teeth properly and reach all parts of the mouth 2 times a day.

Do flossing in areas that are difficult to reach by a toothbrush.

That way, all the dirt in the mouth does not accumulate to make the mouth taste sour.

Don't forget to also clean your tongue with a toothbrush or a special tongue cleaner to remove the lodged dirt.

Moms also need to see a dentist every 6 months so that oral and dental health is under control.

Usually, the doctor will perform scaling if the tartar has started to accumulate.

2. Already Elderly

Entering old age, there are many changes that will appear in one's body.

Starting from reduced muscle mass, brittle bones, to a mouth that tastes sour.

How did it happen?

Launching from the Cleveland Clinic website, dr. Amber Tully, a GP, says as you get older, your appetite will start to shrink.

As a result, the tongue becomes less sensitive and affects the general sense of taste.

Not only sour, but sometimes the mouth also tastes bitter.

If it feels very bothersome, consult a doctor to find out the exact cause.

3. Dehydration

In some cases, the sour taste can come from simple reasons, such as not drinking enough water.

This is because dehydration can dry out your mouth, altering your sense of taste.

To overcome this is easy, drink lots of water, which is about 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

That way, the body's fluid needs are still met properly.

4. Being Sick

When you are sick, for example a cold or sinus, your sense of taste usually experiences side effects.

One of them is the mouth tastes sour.

However, this condition will disappear as the body begins to recover.

Therefore, if the cause is illness, the best way to prevent it is to adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle.

Wash your hands regularly before and after eating, after handling animals, and after using the bathroom.

Not only that, you need to keep your distance from sick people, especially if it's a contagious disease like the flu.

5. Cancer Treatment Effect

The effects of cancer treatment are the cause of the next sour taste in the mouth.

Actually, not because of the disease, but usually appears because of the drugs you are taking.

According to dr. Tully, some antibiotics usually cause a sour taste in the mouth.

But not only because of drugs, sometimes this is also a side effect of chemotherapy or radiation therapy to the head or neck in cancer treatment.

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6. Smoking

Smokers may not feel strange if after smoking the mouth will taste sour.

In fact, this happens when a person is addicted to cigarettes.

Acid mouth is sometimes the reason a person continues to smoke because it is considered to be able to improve it.

In fact, not only the mouth is sour, smoking brings a number of bad effects on health.

Call it lung cancer, breathing problems, black lips, yellowing teeth, and other negative effects.

Therefore, if Moms or Dads are addicted to smoking, look for ways to stop starting now.

The goal is that no other organs are adversely affected.


Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) is a condition when the muscles that open and close the opening between the esophagus and stomach don't close completely after eating.

As a result, this causes food and stomach acid to back up into the esophagus.

Well, this is the most common cause why the mouth tastes sour.

So, how to solve it?

Of course by treating GERD disease.

The trick is to change your diet to be healthier, eat less but often, so you don't lie down after eating.

How to Overcome a Sour Mouth

Whatever the cause of a sour taste in your mouth, you can reduce a variety of symptoms by applying the following:

Drink Enough Water

Adequate intake of water helps to hydrate the mouth and facilitate one's urination.

When a person urinates regularly, it helps remove various impurities and toxins in the body that can cause the mouth to taste sour.

In addition to water, you can also add lemon juice and honey to get rid of the sour taste in your mouth.

Chewing Gum

Chewing gum helps increase saliva production.

That way, the mouth is not dry, which triggers a sour taste.

However, choose sugar-free gum, Moms.

Maintaining Dental and Oral Hygiene

Maintaining dental and oral hygiene is an important thing that should not be ignored in order to maintain their health.

Brushing your teeth 2 times a day, flossing, using mouthwash to rinse your mouth, to regular check-ups with the dentist are basic things you can do.

Rinsing your mouth can reduce the sour taste and other strange tastes in your mouth.

You can add half a teaspoon of salt and baking soda to a glass of water.

Gargle with this solution several times a week.

Reduce Spicy and Fatty Foods

Spicy and fatty foods can trigger acid reflux and GERD.

Therefore, limit these two foods and replace them with healthier ones such as vegetables and fruit.

For that, apply healthy living habits to avoid various causes of sour mouth!

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