6 Tricks To Meet Body Fluid Needs Every Day

Body fluid needs can vary depending on age, weight, environment in which you live, and the type of activity you do every day. If calculated every day with normal activities, adults excrete 1300-3500 ml of fluid.

Meanwhile, for people who are physically active, or who regularly exercise, the body needs more fluids than those who do regular activities. Ideally, 30 minutes of exercise requires 350 ml of fluid.

Easy Ways to Meet Body Fluid Needs

Keep in mind that the fluids the body needs do not only come from water. Foods and drinks besides water also contain fluids that the body needs.

Many people underestimate the need for fluid intake in the body so they often skip drinking water. This negligence usually occurs in office workers who sit comfortably 9 to 5 so that it doesn't feel like half a day has passed without drinking water.

Understanding how important it is for the fluids that the body needs to stay in the ideal intake, makes you not underestimate this.

So that the body's fluid needs are still met every day, here are some tricks that can be applied:

1. Wake Up Immediately Drink Water

Starting the day by drinking water is one surefire trick so you don't lose your body's fluid needs. Usually at breakfast, you tend to drink tea or coffee and forget to drink water.

Therefore, try to provide water near the bed, to drink when you wake up.

2. Eat Vegetables with Soup

As said earlier, fluid intake can not only be met by drinking water alone. Especially for people who are lazy to drink water, try to eat vegetables with soup at every meal.

3. Fruit Snacking

Foods that contain high fiber usually also contain fluids that the body needs. For example, such as apples, oranges, papaya and grapes.

In addition, the fluid content in fruits can be stored longer in the body so that the body has longer time to absorb vitamins and minerals from these fruits.

4. Add Orange Juice to Water

If you have trouble drinking water throughout the day, try adding a squeeze or slice of lime, lemon, or any orange. Then, store in a bottle in the refrigerator to cool.

You can also add various other fruits and make it infused water. In this way, you can drink refreshing water, without feeling excruciating.

5. Always Carry a Water Bottle Everywhere

Bringing a personal water bottle can also be a way to meet the body's fluid needs. You can find a drinking bottle with the model or color you like, so you can be more enthusiastic about drinking. Then, make sure to take this bottle with you wherever you go, okay?

6. Use the Reminder App

Currently, there are many water-drinking reminder applications that can be installed on mobile phones. Try using this app, so you can be reminded to drink every few times of the day. This can be a great way for those of you who are busy and forget to drink water.

Well, that's some tricks to meet the body's fluid needs every day.

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