6 Best Eyelash Glues Based On This Enthusiastic Review

If you've ever tried false eyelashes, you know that (1) they are a bit tricky to do the first 50 times you try them, and (2) the eyelash glue you use is more important than the eyelashes you use. As beauty editors, we've tried countless eyelash adhesives that have rolled around our desks. Translation: We have experienced every possible disaster that may occur while working with eyelash glue. From liquid to creamy formulas, intense florals to outright fishy scents, glue that tears lashes at the end of the night to glue that's no better than pure water, no shortage of disasters is encountered in the name of achieving perfectly lush, long lashes.

To spare you the agony of testing out countless options for yourself — because, frankly, you don't have time for it — we've rounded up the 15 best eyelash glues to use right now, based on our expert research and analysis. . It's not easy, but one has to deal with sticky fingers and dubious smelly formulas for the sake of science—or, um, beauty. Not only have the options below been reviewed by our resident beauticians, they also have passionate, enthusiastic, five-star reviews around the world. They really are the best eyelash glue of all time, and we're so happy that your frustrated lashes are officially gone forever.

So, ready to go shopping? First, take a look at our expertly curated list of eyelash glues that will make your pursuit of a seamless false eyelash experience that much easier to achieve.

  1. Kiss Strip Eyelash Adhesive in Clear : Uh, not only is this eyelash glue $3, but it's also the number one eyelash glue on Amazon with over 60K five-star ratings. What! The formula is water-resistant, latex-free, and infused with aloe (to reduce irritation), making it a simple but effective glue, especially for the price. One reviewer (out of billions) wrote that it is “the best eyelash glue I have ever used. The brush makes it easy to apply to lashes and once applied, it stays on.”
  2. Pur Pro Eyelash Glue :This eyelash glue is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and, apparently, can even withstand a broken heart when you cry. As one reviewer shared after breaking up with his girlfriend, “[I] may have cried all my water weight, but I still have my lashes to perfection despite Kim K's 5+ hours of full crying (complete with dramatic eye rubbing).” Five star testimonial if we've ever heard of it.
  3. Sephora Collection Eyelash Adhesive Brush Tip : This latex-free formula (available in black or white) has a thicker brush tip, which makes it easier to stick to the glue to prevent thicker lashes from drooping or peeling off after a few hours. One reviewer wrote: “This is the best eyelash glue I have ever tried. It's easy to use and lasts all day! I was surprised at how well it worked and the price was really good. ”
  4. Eyelash Adhesive 4 Duo Strip with Dark Color :Honestly, you can't talk about eyelash glue without including the cult favorite Duo. While the packaging itself isn't fancy (it's a basic squeeze tube), the formula dries quickly to a dark, long-lasting eyeliner-like finish. Proof: “All day long, lashes HAVE. NO. CONSIDERED. It's a miracle! I remove it very easily and release the glue from the lashes in one sturdy rope!” wrote one reviewer. 
  5. Eyelash Adhesive 5 Duo with Vitamins A, C & E : NOW 43% OFF .Yes, yes, yes, there will be two Duos on this list, but hey—they really are the best, and I promise I'll give you the best, right? Unlike other Duo formulas, which have a dusky hue (making them best for looks where eyeliner and/or eyeshadow are involved), this Duo is completely translucent, so you can apply it on your lids without being overt.
  6. Lilac St. Pro Lash Glue : Looking for glue that has super powers? We got you. Your lashes will be able to handle just about anything that comes with Lilac St's Pro Lash Glue. Its black, mascara-like formula doesn't smudge and has an extra-strong adhesion that, according to one reviewer, can withstand even the most extreme outdoor adventures. "This glue works really well," the reviewer said. "I just got back from a trip to Costa Rica where I went zip lining, horseback riding, ATVing AND white water rafting. And my lashes literally lasted the whole week I was there.
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