5 Reasons Why Foreplay Is Very Important for Women, Remember!

Foreplay is sexual activity before penetration which is done through touch, kiss, or friction. Usually, almost all couples do foreplay first before finally launching their penetration. Foreplay has a very important role, especially for women.

In fact, it is very difficult for women to have sexual activity without foreplay at all. Through this, you need to know some of the reasons that make foreplay very important, especially for women.

1. How to increase your partner's passion

The first thing that makes foreplay so important is that it can help increase your passion for each other. Sexual arousal at first does not always go well, especially if the partner has sex when he is tired or not too focused.

The existence of foreplay is very important for men and also especially for women to increase sexual desire again. Exploration of certain points will further strengthen physically and emotionally with your partner so that sexual relations are fun.

2. Helps the production of natural lubricants

For women, sex is often not fun, especially if it's the first time doing it. Instead of feeling pleasure, many women feel pain during sexual intercourse. In fact, this is often due to a lack of foreplay by each other.

Foreplay is very important for women because it can be a stimulus to help produce natural lubricants in the vaginal area. This will obviously help the penetration process becomes easier so that sex does not feel painful anymore for women.

3. Relax the body and mind

It's not easy to have sex, especially in the midst of busy life. However, sex is also an important need that cannot be taken lightly so that fatigue cannot be an excuse for not doing it.

That's why many couples will do foreplay in order to help relax the body and mind. With this relaxation, sexual activity can run smoothly. Even for women, foreplay will be very suitable to provide its own sensation so that sexual activity can be enjoyed to the fullest.

4. Adding its own sexual pleasure

Enjoyment of sex is the main goal for many couples in doing it. Although the reality is not easy to be able to get maximum sexual pleasure for several reasons behind it.

That's why foreplay is present as an option before penetration that can help provide its own enjoyment. In fact, not infrequently the couple will take longer for the foreplay process because it can provide more sensation and pleasure

5. Get a quality orgasm

The purpose of a sexual activity is to get an orgasm, both for men and women. In fact it is not easy to be able to get a quality orgasm because it depends on the style and way of doing sexual activity.

Prolonging the foreplay process can actually make the body get the maximum sexual sensation. The impact can provide a much higher quality orgasm with its own pleasure.

Of course foreplay has a very important role, especially for women. In fact, without foreplay, it seems sexual activity will be difficult to enjoy to the fullest. Don't put foreplay aside in your sexual activity, OK!

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