Recognize the Early Signs and Symptoms of Gout in Hands

Gout does not only attack the feet, hands can also experience these health problems with symptoms that can be said to be similar. Recognize what are the symptoms of gout that occurs in the hands

Gout is one of the diseases that many people avoid because of the disorders it can cause. When it strikes, you may experience joint pain, followed by redness to swelling. This disorder can be triggered by foods rich in purines. It is found in some types of seafood and red meat.

Gout usually attacks the feet of the sufferer. However, gout can also occur in the hands and cause the same symptoms. Know some of the early symptoms of gout that can arise when the disease attacks the hands so that they can be avoided. Here are some of the symptoms!

Early Symptoms of Gout in Hands

Gout or gout is a type of arthritis that can cause pain when it attacks. This occurs when there is a buildup of crystals in the joints in the body. When gout flares up, the affected joints can experience swelling, pain, and redness.

When someone has an attack, it means that the uric acid level in their body is high. Uric acid itself is a by-product that comes from natural processes in the body. The content generally passes through the kidneys and leaves the body along with the urine. However, if the body's system has difficulty eliminating uric acid, it builds up in the blood and causes it to build up in the joints.

Indeed, gout generally attacks the joints in the lower body, especially the feet. Even so, you can also experience this pain in the hands, although it is rare. Here are some of the symptoms:

Pain in Hand Joints

One of the early symptoms of gout that often occurs is a feeling of pain that arises in the joints in the hands, especially in the fingers. Over time, you will feel the heat and cause a red color in the sore joint. The pain that arises can make it difficult for you to move the fingers on your hand.

Swelling in the Joints

The pain that arises in the hand if not treated immediately, the possibility of experiencing swelling can increase. Crystallization that occurs due to the disease can also form white lumps, called tophi. These are generally visible under the skin, although these lumps are painless.

You can also ask a doctor from Halodoc regarding any early symptoms that arise when gout disorders occur in the hands. In addition, you can also ask for advice on effective treatment to do. The method is easy, you only need to download the Halodoc application on your smartphone!

Stiff Joints

High uric acid levels in the hands and fingers can cause inflammation which eventually causes stiffness. You will find it difficult to move it because the joints become hard and limit everything that can be done before.

Those are some of the common symptoms that arise when gout occurs in the hands. If you feel these symptoms, it's a good idea to immediately get yourself checked before it gets worse. That way, stiffness and swelling can be prevented early.

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