4 Tips for Breastfeeding Twins so You Are Not Overwhelmed

Giving birth to twins can be an overwhelming experience. However, many mothers are worried about how to breastfeed 2 babies at once. Any tips for breastfeeding twins so you don't get overwhelmed?

Please note that the quality of breast milk and how to breastfeed single or twin babies are the same. Don't be afraid the baby will starve because milk production will usually adjust to the baby's needs, no matter how much it is.

Tips for Breastfeeding Twins

There is no specific way to breastfeed twins. Every baby is different, whether it's a single baby or twins. However, of course, the experience of breastfeeding 2 babies at once can be a bit different.

Here are some tips for breastfeeding twins so moms don't get overwhelmed:

Start Breastfeeding Immediately After Childbirth

One of the biggest concerns for parents of twins is how to have a large supply of breast milk for 2 babies. To do this, the breasts need regular and frequent stimulation to produce the right amount of milk for the baby.

So, as much as possible, start breastfeeding as soon as you give birth. Feed babies as often as possible, whenever they show signs of hunger. If your baby needs time in the NICU after birth, try stimulating the breast with gentle massage or with a breast pump.

Also keep in mind that many twins are born prematurely. As such, they need more time and help to learn how to breastfeed properly.

Always Close to Baby

The next tip for breastfeeding twins is, try to always be close to the baby. Including at home, while sleeping. Place the baby's cot close to the mother's bed, so she can hear hunger cues from them.

Try Tandem Breastfeeding Early on

Tandem breastfeeding means breastfeeding twins at the same time. This can actually give moms time to rest and care for themselves between feedings.

For most new parents of twins, it is usually necessary to have someone else help position the baby at each breast. If the tandem feels difficult at first, that's okay. Try to keep finding a comfortable position and way.

Get Help from a Spouse or Close Person

Breastfeeding two babies at once while not fully recovering after delivery can be tough. So, try to ask for help and support from those closest to you.

This includes a spouse, family member, or close relative. If that's not possible, try paying for an assistant or baby sitter. Don't try to endure it all yourself.

Positions that can be tried while breastfeeding at the same time

One of the tips for breastfeeding twins that was discussed earlier is tandem breastfeeding, or breastfeeding two babies at the same time. Well, there are actually several ways to breastfeed two babies at once.

The most important thing is to choose a position that is comfortable for both mother and baby. Here are some positions you can try:

  1. Double-clutch. In this position, the mother holds each baby in a sling. Position pillows on each side of the body and lap. Then place each baby on a pillow beside the body. Make sure each baby's back is supported by the inside of the forearm. Secure the baby's bottom with the inside of the elbow. Keep the baby's head in line with the nipple. Place the palm of one hand behind each baby's head. 
  2. Cradle-clutch combination. In this position, the mother holds one baby in the cradle position, his head in the forearm and the whole body facing the mother. While the other baby is in the clutch position.
  3. Double seat. To use this position, the mother needs to place both babies in a cradle position in front. Position the baby so their feet overlap making an X in the lap.So, those are tips for breastfeeding twins so you don't get overwhelmed. For smooth milk production, mothers need to maintain physical and mental health.

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