COVID-19: Three deaths and an increase in hospitalizations as the N.B. eliminates proof of vaccination

Three people died and 17 more were hospitalized in New Brunswick over the weekend due to COVID-19.

Although hospitalizations have decreased in recent weeks, the number of people admitted to the hospital has increased to 89 — up from 72 — since Friday's report.

They include 47 individuals hospitalized for COVID-19 and another 42 individuals admitted for another reason but tested positive for the virus.

Three people are in the intensive care unit and two are on a ventilator. Hospitals are now operating at 90% capacity, while ICU beds are operating at 72% capacity.

Three new deaths occurred in the Moncton region, Edmundston region, and Bathurst region, involving a person in their 70s in Moncton, a person in their 70s in Edmundston, and a person in their 90s in Bathurst.

COVID-19 has claimed 304 lives in New Brunswick thus far, according to the provincial COVID-19 dashboard.

Since Friday's update, the province reported an additional 1,065 positive polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and 1,382 positive rapid tests.

At the moment, 140 employees of Vitalité Health Network, 234 employees of Horizon Health Network, and 69 employees of Extra Mural-Ambulance New Brunswick are on leave due to COVID-19.

As of Monday, the province eliminated the requirement for proof of vaccination at restaurants, gyms, and salons. On March 14, all other restrictions will be lifted.

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